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Galizyme Enzyme

Galizyme enzyme:
Capable of use for the diet of broiler chickens , laying hens , turkey breeders

Company introduction:
Imported from Dr. bata Ltd

Possesses a large range of enzymes that have effect on the non- digestible fibers as well as effect on anti-nutritional factors of diet
So that reduces the devastating effects of them.

Xylanase , protease , pectinase , amylase , beta-glucanase, cellulase , hemi- cellulase , lipase ,xylosidase, and phytase.

All of these enzymes considerably affect on substrates such as arabinoxylan , protease inhibitors , pectin , amylose and amylopectin , beta-glucan , cellulose , hemicellulose and phytic acid and reduce the viscosity of the contents of the small intestine , increase the availability of other nutrients , increase the bioavailability of minerals and ultimately improve the digestibility of food and diet and cause the ration become affordable.

Charachteristics and consumption rate:
For ration of variety of broiler , laying , breeder chikens and turkies.

Galizyme consumption in poultry :
According to quallity and clinical(farm) tests this enzyme causes:
1-    Increase in metabolizable energy by the rate of 200-100 kcal per kilogram, and increase of apparent digestibility of protein by the rate of8-5 / 5% in the different diets
2-    Increase in weight gain by the rate of 9/5 and 5/8% and decrease in FCR by the rate of 5 and 6/6% has been observed at the end of breeding period
3-    Reduction of abdominal fat , reduces the amount of fecal moisture , reducing the mortality rate of chickens , increases herd steadily growing and reduce environmental pollution

This enzyme is used in poultry diets when the gastrointestinal tract lacks it or the release of the enzyme is low comparing to special feed or an anti-nutritional composition is present in the ration so that the enzyme can destroy them or reduce their effects.

Consumption rate:
300 to 500 grams per ton of ration for broiler , laying , breeder chickens and turkeys.



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