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seminar digestamin

Introduction of digestamine and phytase enzyme

presenter M.T.Mazuji

Poultry Nutrotionist 


  Goals of digestamine production
      1-    Increase of the bird resistance and immunity
      2-    Stimulator of growth and replication
  Digestamine is a 100% herbal growth stimulator
  This product contains different materials as follow:
       1-    55% fermented soybean meal
                                            2-    31% fermented forage
                                            3-    12-13% horseradish roots
                                            4-    1-2% fermented oak
Consumption of this product leads to lactic acid production inside intestine which causes acidification of its environment and increasing the body of bird resistance to diseases.
fermented soybean meal causes the amino acids precursors of proteins to be increased and the digestibility increases and finally causes to increase of the bird immunity.
Fermented hay: because it contains fiber, causes decrease of activity in monogastric animals. Its fermentation cause to better digestion and FCR.
Horseradish: it has disinfectant property. It includes Mirosinase enzyme which cause it to be strong antiseptic substance and increases body resistance.
This herb also contains Isothiocyanate which is anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory, which totally caused this herb to be a food and digestive system anti septic.
Oak, contains tannin.tannin itself is a anti nutritional substance which decreases poultry activity, but when it is fermented, produces tannic acid which is a disinfectant(anti fungal and anti bacterial) and resolves nutritional diarrhea in poultries( breeder chickens)
1-    Weight gain
2-    Improves FCR
3-    Increases egg laying
4-    Increases fertilized eggs
5-      Decreases the herd mortality
Consumption rate:
In poultry :
Under 2 weeks: 3 kg per ton
Between 2-4 weeks: 2kg per ton
Above 4 weeks: 1kg per ton


If it consumed, even it can replace consumption of 2kg soya
This product is usable for milk and meat cattle.
Consumption rate is 25-50 grams per cow per day for milk cows and calves
50grams per cow per day for meat cattle


Phytase enzyme:
Is a USA AGRAN Company production which is available purely and diluted.
Phytase 10000 is a pure product, 50 grams per ton. But diluted product is 0/5 kg per ton.
Its only difference with other phytase enzymes available in market is dilution materials . in other products, dilution materials are calcium carbonate or bran, and since these materials and phytase do not have physical banding, when enter the mixers, they separate from each other.
But dilution materials in this product is a sugar which physically bands to phytase and does not disrupt in the mixers and attaches to food in final product and enters the digestive system.
Using this product, decreases phosphate consumption in ration by 5-6 kg