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Seminar of sava pars

The subject raised by Doctor mostafa habibi, poultry disease specialist from savapars company
Heat stress definition :
Heat stress happens in birds when they can not balance the produced heat in body and the output of heat. It is any temperature out of comfort range of the chickens and any symptom which indicates stress in animal.
Heat stress importance:
Heat stress decreases weight gain in herd and also leads to development of diseases in the herd and may cause mortality in the herd.
It is worth to say that with each degree rising in temperature, the bird weight decreases 30-70 grams in sales.
How can birds get rid of heat stress:
1-    The birds lean to cool regions of the hall
2-    They stretch theirs wings and shake them
3-    They begin to panting when the temperature comes above 35

Disadvantages and even can be said consequences of panting:
1-    Heat is missed as evaporation of moisture from respiratory ways of the birds
2-    Increases energy consumption in birds
3-    Breathing is increased even 10 times more than rest
4-    In heavy panting, the bird gets tired and its ability to resistance against warm weather reduces
5-    High relative humidity increases panting.
6-    When breathing increases causes exceed loss of CO2 and increasing plasma ph( respiratory alkalosis) so causes imbalance in acid and base of the body
7-    It causes respiratory infections

Heat stress disadvantages in the herd:
1-    Produces free radicals of O2 so that:
-    Tissue hemorrhage
-    Decrease of weight gain

2-    Reduces digestive enzyme activity
3-    Decreases ions and ion elements in tissues
4-    Decreases blood supply to digestive system by 44% which causes absorbance decrease
5-    Increases body glucocorticoids and so that suppresses the immune system.
6-    The bird water consumption increases during heat stress and this causes diarrhea
Control  approaches
1-    Elevating temperature at the beginning of period to 36-38 for 5 days to adapt the birds
This leads to chickens resistance to high temperature in older ages
This accomplishes when the bird does not show any symptoms and continues until it does
2-    Decreasing the hall density
Decreasing the number of chickens and also elevate feeding dishes(decreasing seed consumption)
3-    Decreasing the hall humidity(especially in warm weather)
One of the factors of increasing humidity is feeding dishes permeation, water evaporate since temperature is high and increases the humidity.


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