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Seminar of veterinary drugs company sava pars

Subject raised by Doctor mohammadreza shirazi, large animal external diseases specialist, consultant and technical director of animal drugs part of savapars company 


One of its reasons is pasteurolosis and other mycoplasma


This disease risk factors is occurred more in 2-6 years old or during first months among milk calves. One of the problems in milk herds is B.R.D.


Pasteurella hemolitica which has two types

1-      A

2-      T

Pasteurella multicida which has 2 types:

1-      A3

2-      D

Which can cause disease in calves.

This agent can transport to the farm through new animal entering

Morbidity: 35%

Case fatality: 5-10%

The peak of pasteurrelosis incidence among meat calves is day 16. 2-3 weeks after infection, fibrinous pneumonia occurs which cause 57% mortality.

The most important thing is economical loss for stockman. The calves growth decreases and even the animal dies in some cases.

The mixture of calves from different regions can cause pasteurella pneumonia.


Different articles indicate that edible or drinking antibiotics in food or water for pneumonia treatment can be used with good results, but attention should be given to not cause diarrhea

Diagnosis :

Correct diagnosis and sporadic observation and visit of the herd, is very important in pneumonia .

One of the diagnosis methods is para-clinic?????

Para-clinic methods:


1-      Plasma fibrinogen


2-      Bacterial culture


3-      Anti-biogram culture


4-      Sampling with swab




Pneumonia can occur at dorsal or ventral surface of the lung and 9-10 days after infection with pasteurella pneumonia.


-          Histopathology


Pasteurella hemolytica : fibrinous pneumonia can be observed


Pasteurella multicida: purulent bronchitis can be observed


-          Viral pneumonia which more involves ventral part of lungs.


-          Warm pneumonia which more involves dorsal part of lungs and less is observed in this province.


-          Intrestitial pneumonia which is special to farms in the pasture and less frequently seen in the industrial farms.


-          Septic rhynotracheit with cough and fever


-          Contagious pleuro-pneumonia which has high involvement




Selecting antibiotic:


1-      Antibiotic cost


2-      Antibiotic availability


3-      Injection method which IV is preferred but is hard


4-      Previous experiences in pneumonia treatment




Antibiotic sensitivity:


It depends on geographical condition which some antibiotics may not effect in some regions. At least in Tehran province which tylosin+ oxytetracycline has benn used for pneumonia treatment, now does not effect, but this drugs can effect pneumonia in shahrebabak and effects well. Using one drug for a long time, causes antibiotic resistance. The stockman unawareness in using 2 antibiotics concurrently may lead to antagonism.


Control discussion:


Pasteurella vaccine: it is very important in prevention, which can inhibit economical damage


Controlling stress involves:


1-      Dehorning

1-      Vaccination

2-      Weaning

3-      Transitions


Diseases can be decreased by decreasing stress rate.


1- the first problem is bad weight gaining of the animal


Decreases meat calves under 3months age milk capacity after maturation and riching to first pregnancy.

Only 35% of BRD treatments are acceptable. Lung lesions is observed at the slaughterhouse. In 78% of cases these lesions may occur. These cases do not response to treatment up-to 69%.

Programs which is mentioned for prevention of respiratory diseases and riches you step by step to the principal goal:

1-      BRD diagnosis and its causing agent assessment which should be done correctly.

2-      Treatment by antibiotic in the process of disease.


Guidelines for antibiotic selecting to defeat the causing bacteria are:

1-      The concentration of antibiotic in the lungs is very important.

2-      Correct protocol for using the antibiotic.

Foreign drugs give good results but their cost is important or stockmen use several drugs with high cost and doses without resulting and drug remnant in milk and meat. Our stockmen do not pay attention to this important subject. They tend to use ceftifures and new drugs to lessen drug remaining in livestock products.

Savapars company products:

1-      Marbox:

New generation of fleurokins

In treatment of:

1-      pneumonia

2-      mastitis

3-      ??????

Remains 36 hours in milk

1-      Sevaxel

1-      Ceftifur

2-      In treatment of : pneumonia



3/ general antibiotics

1-      Penicillin + streptomycin : this drug advantage is its quality.

2-      Oxytetracyclin LA 20%: it can be used for prevention and also has appropriate effect in clamidia abortions.

3-      Enzoprast

Is natural PG

4-      Sistorelin


2/The only drug which destroys ovarian cysts by 2cc

5-      CIDR


1-      It is triangular and has 3 contact surfaces by the uterine.

2-      The drug which releases is safe in cattle.

3-      The drug collapsing rate is near zero



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