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Custom special supplement hens


Supplement name


Laying chicken supplement





Advantages of use

To ensure having healthy herd, egg producers should be sure of the ration quality. The 0/5% supplement of layer chickens provides all vitamin and mineral demands of laying hens. Vitamins are essential during stress and diseases and minerals are an essential part of many chemical reactions.

In order to preventing complications of vitamins

                                         and minerals deficiency, continuous using of

                                                    this  product   in the ration is recommended. 

                                                   Amount of use

                                             2.5 kg mineral supplement + 2.5 kg vitamin 

                                             supplement daily in one ton of food

                                             Shelf life

                                             6 months after production date

                                             Maintenance conditions:

                                             Keep in dry and cool place


                                            25 kg pockets